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YILBOR PIPE PLASTIC Experimental Laboratory


According to current national and / or international standards or defined test methods, As provided the good technical application conditions as soonest possibility and economically As based on impartiality, independence, honesty, confidentiality, reliability and with it’s legal conditions.

YILBOR PIPE PLASTİC; Target of the Laboratory is Constantly trained in it’s branch, Best professional practices with the expert staff who knows the target and the best according to the test methods and standards, To use the best level of technological test equipment, to meet the requests of the customers from the highest level possibility. For the accuracy of the experiments, using the necessary reference/standard materials. If possible, to enable the provision of test quality through benchmark measurements made with national / international laboratories, For us Customer satisfaction as a basic principle, so as to minimize potential customer complaints.

YILBOR PIPE PLASTIC;’s Laboratory of the aim is; Effectively implementing the management system with the participation of all personnel, to reduce of the all the negative factors that affect of the test result. YILBOR PIPE PLASTİC All of the laboratory laboratories; Works in accordance with the policies and procedures prepared in accordance with the requirements of the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and Laboratory management undertakes to comply with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and to carry out the necessary work for continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

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