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Pe 100 Pipes


YILBOR PLASTIC manufactures according to TSE,DIN,ISO and other international standards from polyethylene raw materials in different densities (LDPE,MDPE,HDPE) for different intents of use. YILBOR PLASTIK manufactures the 20 mm to 110 mm (Inclusive) diameter pipes in the form of coils (or in 6and 12m- long straight forms according to request) and the 125 mm to 800 mm diameter pipes in 6 and 12 meter lengths (various lengths are available upon request). High impact resistance, flexibility and high expansion coefficient features make it possible to safely use the PE pipes in rocky terrains, landslide zones, under the sea and in regions where frequent ground movements occur. PE 100 pipes are manufactured in the form of coil or as straight pipes. PE 100 pipes can be bent 3600 with certain radius without using elbows depending on the mechanical properties of the raw material. Due to this feature, the radius of the coil must be 20-40 times the diameter of the pipe. The number of end-tying is reduced in coil pipes, the projects are completed with the increase in installation speed, and the installation workmanship, transportation and storage costs decrease.

• Resistant to chemicals, corrosion, decay and wear. "inimum service life: 50 years.,
• Due to the high flexibility they can be joined outside the trench. Resistant to ground movements. Can be safely used in areas with uneven and moving grounds such as streams, rivers, lakes, mining areas etc.
• As they can be bent with a radius 20-40 times the diameter at pipe bending points at 200 depending on the wall thickness, they save cost and time with less elbow usage.
• They adapt to terrain conditions in the laying process, and provide advantage with less filling material and installation without wastage.
• Thanks to their efficient joining methods (butt welding, electrofusion, coupling, flange, slip socket etc), they will not come apart or break at the joints under pressure, and they provide100% sealing.
• As there is no molecule immigration to the liquid in concern, they do not change the taste and smell of water. They do not gather dirt or moss, and do not generate bacteria. As they do not contain any toxic substance they may come into contact with food as approved by the Ministry of Health.

Product Specification

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