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PVC waste water pipes are manufactured in various diameters ranging from 50 mm to '00 mm with different lengths of /50, '50, 500, /1000, '2000, 3000 and 6000 mm (excepting the length of slip socket)PVCpipes are resistant to acids and alkalis. They maintain their physical properties up to 600 C of temperatures and will not become deformed. Due to the properties of the additives, PVC pipes are inflammable. They are combustible from external flame sources. Due to this feature, these pipes can be conveniently used in the protection of underground power transmission lines.

As the waste water pipes are delivered as ready to install, they must not be heat treated during installation. Waste water pipes must not be used in pressure installations. Their O-ring seals must not come into contact with substances such as solvents, gasoline, acid and oil during storage and installation, and must not be stored under direct sunlight. Slip parts of the slip socket type pipes are designed to easily fit outside the pipes with the same diameter. The other end of the pipe is chamfered down to the half wall thickness to provide an angle of /150. There must be no wetness, dirt or dust in the slip socket before fitting in the O- ring. Fit it with its dome side facing the inside of the pipe. Ensure that it fits properly, then apply a piece of soap as a lubricant on the chamfered end and push it into the socket with a slight turn. 5epth of socket increases in proportion to the diameter. For this reason, pipe hooks and similar metal tools must not be used the distance the pipe will be inserted. Plaster mortars and mortars containing crumpled stones must not be used in closing the trenches. Strong impacts must be avoided at and below 0C. Expansion tolerance must be taken into consideration during installation.

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