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YILBOR Türkiye's
Infrastructure Force

Yılbor Boru that is operating both global and domestic; serves on fields of infrastructure, superstructure, agricultural irrigation and spare parts manufacturing and supplying



Your living standards are in good hands with Yılbor. With our wast product inventory of PVC pressured clean water pipe, PVC waste water pipe, PPR pipe, drop irrigation pipe and more, our firm serves in infrastructure, superstructure, aggrigation working tirelessly to affiliate reliability in your lives. Meet the values that Yılbor quality serves the world.

Why Us?

What Yılbor Offers You

Quantified Product Range

Our firm has a crowded product inventory that serves in every point of both civic and rural lives.

Sustainable Energy

Our facility with its roof completely covered with solar panels, is working to produce maximum clean energy and minimum irreversible energy; producing its whole energy needs.

Always With Society

Construction sites, corporate organizations, farmers and more... YIlbor touches the lives of all kinds of people.

Solid and Reliable Manufacturing

As Yılbor, we serve you the best quality product that can be used anywhere at ease; manufactured with original and non-hazardous materials.

global firm

Domestic Pride, Global Force

Originating from Mersin / Tarsus being the 461. biggest industrial firm of Türkiye Yılbor is being the source of pride for our nation with its productions of PVC pressured clean water pipes, PVC waste water pipes, PPR pipe and drop irrigation pipes. We touch the lvie of people from all around the world including Syria, Iraq, Qatar, Egypt, Nigeria, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan

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Product Groups

Yılbor, makes the lives of people all around the wolrd with its services in infrastructure, superstructure, and aggricultural areas. We serve with maximum delicacy without comprimising any of our qualities. Take a look at our products which rigidness and reliability are the signature feature of theirs.



Agricultural Irrigation

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